About the FreeTV Alliance

Four leading European free-to-view satellite operators – Fransat (France), Freesat (UK), HD Plus (Germany), and Tivùsat (Italy) have formed the FreeTV Alliance.

The Alliance, who together already serve over 8 million households, is a collaboration whose primary purpose is to create commonalities in free-to-view satellite TV services across Europe, benefitting viewers, manufacturers, broadcasters, retailers and service providers.

As technologies advance so does viewers expectations. Slicker user experiences and sophisticated functions are no longer the territory of pay-TV operators alone.

By producing common service approaches, open source specifications and established preferred technologies that work across all products in all markets, it will make it easier for manufacturers, retailers and service providers to meet the ever increasing viewer needs.

Include this with Satellite TVs ability to deliver cutting edge technologies, like Ultra High Definition (4k) will in turn increase the impetuous to produce and sell more products with satellite tuners.

These initiatives will it easier and cheaper for broadcasters and content providers to devise and deploy advanced services, which in turn means better services for viewers. 

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